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Updated March 2020

PPB Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

As you may be aware, compliance with advertising rules is a legal and licensing requirement. As an Affiliate of PPB, any advertising you do on our behalf must adhere to advertising requirements at all times.

We have created this document to educate our partners on the current ‘DOs and DON'Ts when promoting PPB. We also wish to remind you of your obligations under the terms of our Affiliate agreement regarding the promotion of both brands.

We want to ensure that none of your advertisements on behalf of PPB are in any way misleading to customers so please familiarise yourself with the requirements outlined below and save this document down for future reference.

If you are in doubt regarding your obligations under our Affiliates agreement or under the relevant legal requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or reach out to us at:

Paddy Power: affiliates@paddypower.com

Betfair: Sports.Partnerships@betfair.com

1. Creative:

We would advise all of our Affiliates to make use of the large range of creative assets that we have on offer in the Media Gallery of your Affiliate account. We have a large range of different suites for various sports & products and we include all of the standard sizes required.

You can be assured that all creative assets found in the Media Gallery adhere to the advertising regulations and are fully compliant.

2. Homemade creative:

Any creative assets, including homemade banners that are used to promote PPB offers MUST be approved by your account manager before being published. As mentioned above, we strongly advise that you make use of the wide range of banners we provide. Any homemade creative assets, promoting PPB offers that has not been approved by an account manager may lead to the termination of your account and removal from the Affiliate program.

3. Advertising to minors:

Advertising to minors in any capacity is strictly prohibited, if this is undertaken in any form your account will be terminated. Affiliates are not allowed place any Tracking Links, Banners or Creatives in any fashion on pages of your site aimed at persons under the age of 18 years or otherwise target, whether directly or indirectly, such persons for gambling-related services.

4. Age-Gating:

Affiliates must take all precautions to limit the chance of advertising to minors. One way of doing this is by age-gating content released on social media platforms to 18+. Please find each social media platform below and the relevant procedures around age-gating for each.

4.1 Facebook:

Age requested on Sign Up: Yes

Age-Gating: Yes (instructions below)


  • Can be put in the bio of the account that it is "Followers must be 18+"
  • If age restricted, an account or any of its content will not be viewable by user under 18

Facebook Age-Gating Instructions:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. From General, click Age Restrictions.
  3. Select the age group that should see your Page.
  4. Click Save Changes.

4.2 Instagram:

Age requested on Sign Up: No. However, if the account is linked to the user’s Facebook page then their age is known.

Age-Gating: Yes. However, you need to contact an Instagram representative to turn this on. No built-in feature to do this yourself in settings. Once turned on, all followers under the age limit will be removed (instructions below).


  • Can be put in the bio of the account that it is "Followers must be 18+".
  • Pop ups for age restricted material can be implemented for users to agree they are over the age limit.

Instagram Age-Gating Instructions

  1. Contact support@instagram.com
  2. Ask them to apply age-gating to the account

4.3 Twitter

Age requested on Sign Up: No, but to follow certain age restricted accounts user must outline their age.

Age-Gating: Yes but complicated as people need to go back to their settings to switch on


  • Can be put in the bio of the account that it is "Followers must be 18+".
  • Under age users can still search for and see gambling related material, they just can’t follow the account. Due to this, it’s important for affiliates to include over 18+ messaging on all posts.
  • Protect your tweets by selecting only those you want to receive them. Won’t be available to view publicly.

4.4 Snapchat

Age requested on Sign Up: Yes. Since 2013

Age-Gating: Yes but only for sponsored ads. No age restrictions on who can follow accounts or what filters can be used.

Notes: No bio to outline age restrictions.

4.5 Youtube

Age requested on Sign Up: Yes. User need a Google + account to create one for Youtube. This requires them to enter their DOB

Age-Gating: Yes.

  • When a video is age-restricted, viewers must be signed in and 18 years of age or older to view it (instructions below)
  • To age restrict a whole channel, you need to contact the Google Sales Team at 0800 169 0484

Notes: Can be put in the bio of the account and of videos that it is 18+

Youtube Age-Gating Instructions

  1. Upload the video to YouTube.
  2. Click Advanced Settings.
  3. Check the box under "Age restrictions."


5. Important - Social Posts:

As we are sure you are aware, Facebook and Twitter have strict guidelines in regards to advertising. Please see below for more details and familiarise yourself with them.


  • Facebook has a 20% text rule.
  • Include all material terms that we can be sure to have a descriptive headline, any restrictions and T&Cs apply as priority.
  • Full terms must be available 1 click away.
  • No need to repeat terms in the post itself if they are featured in banner (provided by PPB)
  • Do not post images that appeal to children or use individuals that are or look under 25


  • Include all material terms that we can be sure to have a descriptive headline, any restrictions and T&C’s apply as priority.
  • Full terms must be 1 click away.
  • No need to repeat terms in the post itself if they are featured in banner (provided by PPB)
  • Do not post images that appeal to children or use individuals that are or look under 25.
  • When promoting via twitter handle, account bio must include "Followers must be 18+" statement

Social Posts:

When promoting PPB offers or links it is imperative that you are as clear as possible and do not mislead the customer in anyway. If you follow the below guidelines, you should be safe but if you are in doubt, please contact us before you post:

  • All social posts which contain a PPB link, offer or mention of our brands must contain 18+ and T&Cs apply statement.
  • Refrain from the use of problamtic phrases such as ‘Get free money’ or ‘Get £X in cash if X win’. These are very misleading for the customer. A good rule of thumb is to use the copy that is on the banners (provided by PPB) or the copy used on the landing page.
  • All of our enhanced offers are paid in free bets (unless otherwise stated) and so ‘Paid in free bets’ must be included in all posts. T&C’s apply must also be included in all posts.
  • If you are promoting PPB through a Twitter handle, "Followers must be 18+" statement must be included in the bio. We would also encourage Responsible Gambling phrases and warnings such as "Please Gamble Responsibly" or "Bet Responsibly"
  • If you do not have enough space to include all terms alongside a banner in a social post, then it is advised to screenshot the landing page. You must ensure to capture all T&C’s in the screenshot. This can then be used as a banner to include in a post. T&C’s apply must also be included in all posts.

Tipping Pages/Sites:

Any challenge\tipping pages or sites, must make clear that it is in fact a challengeand must not imply that success is guaranteed. Under no circumstance should results be false or media manipulated to suggest results were more favourable. Any Affiliate that is found to have engaged in false tipping results, will result in their account being terminated and they will be removed from the Affiliate program immediately.

If you are engaging in this sort of challenge/tipping promotion, then you must notify your account manager and receive approval before doing so.

6. Paid Social Advertising:

If conducting paid social advertising, the paid adverts should be promoting the Affiliate site and not the Paddy Power or the Betfair site. It should not be possible for a consumer to think you are promoting our brand directly. If in doubt, please share the creative and user journey with us before going live.

7. Pop under campaigns:

PPB do not condone any pop under activity of any sort. Any Affiliate that is found to be running this sort of activity will result in their account being terminated and they will be removed from the Affiliate program.

8. PPC:

While we allow and work with Affiliates in the PPC space, there are a few conditions in which we do not allow as part of the Affiliate program:

  • Affiliates must not bid on PPB brand terms.
  • Affiliates must not use brand name in display URL’s.
  • Affiliates must not manipulate PPB brand name in ads e.g. ‘Paddyp0wer’ or ‘Betf@ir’
  • Affiliates must also not bid on any problematic, harmful or ‘Responsible Gambling’ related keywords, including Gamble Awareness or Self-Exclusion trade bodies. Some examples these keywords are at the end of this page.

9. Apps:

Any Affiliates who are releasing apps into the app store must ensure that the app name does not feature either of PPB’s brand names. Any Affiliate found to have released an app including either brand name, will be asked to remove the app immediately and may result in account termination.

10. Push Messaging:

As push messaging is limited for space, it is difficult/impossible to include all the significant conditions in the message. To ensure compliance, if you are advertising a sign-up offer, please do not try to describe the offer in the push message. It is recommended that you keep the message generic and only explain that sign up offers are available, and direct customers to where they can find out more information. The landing page for the promotional offer should be no more than 1 click from the push message.

Compliant example:

  • “New Customer Offers at Paddy Power - see here for full details. T&Cs apply”

Non-compliant example:

  • Paddy Power New Customer Offer: Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets

The above example is non-compliant as we describe the offer (Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets) but the message doesn’t provide all the significant conditions of the offer, or explain that other T&Cs apply. Failure to mention significant terms in an advert can be considered misleading.

11. Domain names/URLs:

Affiliates are not allowed to register any domain names which include either of PPB’s brand names (Paddy Power, Betfair). Any Affiliate who registers domain names in breach of this rule will have their account suspended pending an investigation.

12. Advertorials:

PPB do not wish to feature in any advertorials. If an Affiliate has a specific request then they may contact their account manager and on approval from them, they may publish. Any advertorials found that did not receive approval from account manager may lead to account termination.

13. SMS & Email Campaigns:

PPB have made the decision not to engage in any SMS activity or Email Campaigns through a third party for the foreseeable future. Any Affiliate found to be running SMS activity or email campaigns will have their account terminated immediately.

14. Media Buying:

PPB have made the decision not to engage in any media buying unless a set domain list can be provided of exactly where either brand appears and you are using our provided creative. If you are buying through an ad-exchange programmatically this type of activity is prohibited as part of the Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions:

At all times, you must comply with the relevant Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions, copies of which are available here:-

Paddy Power: http://www.paddypartners.com/terms-and-conditions.html

Betfair: http://affiliates.betfair.com/page.aspx?l=1&p=7

More Information

PPC Keywords to not bid on (Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and partners are expected to use common sense on what keywords should not be used):





problem gambling









insufficient funds







close account












betting exclusion


self exclude

shut down






anti gambling







how to stop




opt out



close my







stop betting






shut off

betting stop






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